"The Gosh Darned Mortgage"

Retro Classic Siren Tales Flick. 2002 Feature Length

Pamela Sutch, Tina Krause, and Debbie D star in this exciting tribute to the old 1920 cliffhangers! Constance (Pam) struggles through difficult times only to find herself the sole recipient of a large fortune. But Snakebite (Stephen McKay) has his own evil plans and places poor Constance into a string of dire deathtraps. With the help of Sinestra (Tina Krause), Snakebite intends to get the fortune all for himself. Will Manly (Patrick M O’Connor) be able to save Constance from a series of perils that include being blown up, cut in half by a saw, or run over by a speeding train? Find out in "The Gosh-Darned Mortgage"! (nudity, violence, bondage, deathtraps)

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